Artists For Freedom

New Exhibition from Mario Julio Faustino Artists For Freedom in Galileo Park in Sauerland Germany

Info Galileo Park

29. Mai – 29. Juni 2010 The 29th May – 29 1st June 2010 Official opening event of Artists For Freedom  .1. OFFIZIELLE AUFTAKTVERANSTALTUNG VON UND MIT ARTISTS FOR FREEDOM . Kunstausstellung, Lesungen, Live Musik, Video Präsentation und AFF Kids Art VORSCHAU UND TICKETINFORMATION . HOTELS (Alojement) . You can watch a video from all AFF artits & their artworks and both my contributions at my mjf YouTube

My contributions to the AFF Project “citizen of the world”
and “Frau mit Maske”
I’ll be updating my Blog and Homepage as well as my WordPress with more Information videos and press releases as I learn more… Thank you very much for taking the time!

related linx: mjf official homepage . mjf wordpress . AFF

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