There are times (my first attempt to poetry)

There are times.


There are times to joke, to smile and for the pleasure,

For the inside peace love light and joy without measure.

You were there but not aware, all gone, and they were there

For those were the good times.


There are times.


There are times to suffer, to cry and taste the salt in a sea of tears,

For the shadows, fall decay and hunger; to dive in pain in the infinite abyss of fears.

You were there and you refuse deny but they were there

For those were the bad times.


There are times.


There are times to stand up and breakthrough to forgive and to forget,

To clean dirt wound and spears dry the tears repair ruins and give back to the people you met.

And you are here and you know it, ain’t it funny they’re here?

For these are the times


These are the times.


These are times when it is what is and it is what it is

And what is it that is if not what it is?

Are there other times, who can tell? You tell me for I cannot remember

Ahead, that is, if there is and what it is…




And you’re here! And they’re here

This is what it is.

These are times.


mjf 2009




Notes taken at random from my readings and from school times… Sometimes things only make sense in their originally written Language or as we take the notes and so I’ll probably be blogging here in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish, and will only sign what’s mine.

Hope – The less viable the more intense it is. (…) The hope of the impossible is the most intense hope. It is when it changes its name and it’s called despair.

Art – It could be that the pleasure of the so called glory be necessary to the artist and therefore to Art as the sexual pleasure is necessary to love and hence to the species continuation.

Human Condition – It is of the Human Condition longing to know why what for what the sense of the things is. (…) And therefore the highest point of knowledge is to see that nothing in the Universe makes sense. And that that non-sense(d) (não-sentido) has the sense (sentido) of not to have it (at all but) as if it had it… (does that make sense to you?…)

Questions – “Who tha f*** do you think you are?” – B***, when I asked him for a 200 bucks raise… – (good times…)

Angústia – “De vez em quando a angústia volta, e o alarme, e um pavor todavia calmo e obscuro. E aí, um prazer amargo e uma grande plenitude enche-me a alma.”

Amargura – “Dor, amargura, melancolia. Quantas formas de se ser vencido no que desejávamos…”

Idéia – Se uma idéia nos atinge é porque coube no nosso molde…

Morte – Morte, podes vir. Não faças cerimónias. Mas sê educada e não me maces muito!

Emptiness – “(…) Confused idea that the Truth is at the end. But at the end is (only) emptines…”

Envy – Envy is a solitary act. In group is (already) hate. Because envy is an hate we do not dare…

Sea – In the cosmic silence of the Earth, (it) he used to speak to no one.

Saber – Porque é que o saber é bom?…

Solidão – A Arte nasce de uma solidão e dirige-se a outra…

To see – Everything has its superficial side and its profound side, the visible and the invisible, the immediate reality and the other (…)

Unrealism – (How) strange… (But) so is the paradox of that human faculty that is our stigma and our sublimity.

Metaphysic – Metaphysic is therefore of our (human) condition. Of our excess(es).

Sabedoria – “Não penses que a sabedoria é feita do que se acumulou (…) apenas do que nos resta depois do que se deitou fora”.

Time – Love knows it! And the Artwork. And everything that transcends us beyond everything and that is its intemporality.

Tragédia – Sou só na alma, porque vi o abismo…

Nothing – there’s a feeling I get when I look to the west… (well what is this? Nirvana? Freedom? Diamonds? – I borrowed it from a book but never quite understood…)



Othello – “Chaos is come again.”

Hamlet – ” To be or not to be?”

Juliet – “O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”

Joe – O God! Oooo! O God! mjf


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