One Minute Short Stories . Intro: as since long promised, I am about to release a series of one minute short stories meant to be a tribute to Edgar Alan Poe, a writer I admire so much and therefore I will try to be simultaneously as authentic to myself as loyal to his style, (and although the subjects are right from the beginning different). I will do some ironic and ludicrous satires as well as Tales day to day and Bible inspired, where I intend to exploit the meaningless of the bizarre and the grotesque, perhaps not so bulky (intensive; Port: massudas) and dark as Poe’s, and I am starting soon with a small story called “The weird kid”.

I decided for a Narration in English written by a non-English spoken Countries born narrator (broken English), being the latter not necessarily me but on my behalf. A prose that is very similar to Jonathan Safran Foer’s in its essence; of course I reflected about writing in my Language, Portuguese, (I might as well do some writing in Portuguese), but in this way I believe I will reach for a much broader audience – hence why… I hope you enjoy them! mjf


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