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Mario Faustino new exhibition

New Exhibition from Mario Faustino


Mario Faustino by artists from the

27 EU member states

09/05 – 06/06/2009 in

Opera Gallery Budapest


Permanent Exhibition

Permanent Exhibition

Showroom in

ZEbrano bar


Deity Symbols and a lot of Egyptian fantasy

The graphics are linked to the site where I keep my updates


mjfaustino contests

mjfaustino contests is now at new exhibition Aussellung

I will be having some artworks of mine to be rated in eventual contests I am taking part in. Please just click the images to rate! I have merged two pages; so “mjfaustino contests” is now part of  “new exhibition Ausstellung”  in my homepage.

abOrndnung (secondment, Order)

mjfaustino contests

please click the images to vote!

Mario Faustino in culture inside


mjfaustino rooted in culture inside

…………………… end ………………….

And I applied with one artwork to Mille artisti a Palazzo the 1000 artists art contest


welcome wonderful world! This space is for you!

One of the reasons why I came up with this idea of launching a blog was mainly information. Here I will try to make somethings clear, get’em things together… Please feel free to look around and advertise a special event or occasion. I hope there is going to be a lot of art, literature and music – make yourself comfortable!

I also would like to reserve this small space for you! If you have an article or a small rubric that you would like to publish or an event you want to share please let me know. You can send me an email with the details and we’ll see what we can do.

The same applies to small stories or interesting Artwork of yours. Thank you! mjf